Disfruta de las poblaciones de Tarragona


Tarragona is located in the south of Catalonia. It has a population of 792,619 inhabitants, 17.4% of whom live in Tarragona, the provincial capital. The province is made up of 184 municipalities distributed in 10 counties in two functional areas: Terres de l'Ebre and Camp de Tarragona.


The purpose of TarraBooK is to inform the user of our towns and regions, to know the accommodations, places of interest, wineries, routes, activities and everything that is needed to respond to The needs and concerns with information verified and contrasted with the municipalities and official bodies.

Allotjament comarques de Tarragona


We offer your accommodations at the Camp de Tarragona and the Terres de l'Ebre: hotels, apartments, pensions, hostels, campsites and also rural accommodations. You will find what you are looking for, whether you are traveling individually or as a group, as a family, for work or for business ... Here, at TarraBooK, we want you to find yourself at home.

lloc d'interès

Place of interest

The place of interest contributes, today, to the world of heritage a global, integrating vision that allows us to understand a patrimonial element - whether or not it is not cataloged - not as an isolated device, but as a piece of a whole, that is to say , of a landscape, that gives him meaning and reason of being. In parallel, we move forward towards more participatory and pluralistic concept of heritage and landscape.



Gastronomy is the art of eating and drinking well. In a more universal sense, gastronomy is the orderly knowledge of all aspects that relate to food: theoretical, scientific, philosophical, historical, practical and social aspects. A person who can be considered practicing and expert in gastronomy.



The options to know the counties are as numerous as the types of tourists that visit us. For this reason tourists have created routes: a series of excursions throughout the territory through the grouping of cultural, natural, gastronomic resources. It is considered one of the forms of hiking or mountaineering, open to the general public because it does not need a great physical or technical preparation.



The agenda where you can consult all the cultural, sporting, educational and citizen activity of the counties of Tarragona, organized by the different centers of population, public and private entities of the counties. Enjoying a good party, concert, exhibition or competition ensures a good and fun stay.